Why You Should Make a SoundCloud Account To Upload Your Finished Tracks Early

Why You Should Make a SoundCloud Account To Upload Your Finished Tracks Early 

I see this as a mindset/attitude growth tool. You have to set them as public for the benefits. I think the main ones are -

  • You will see releasing them as the goal so it will help with finishing music

  • Remove the fear of critic or your work not being “good enough”

  • You will want to learn and seek knowledge that helps you sound better because you want to show the world your best work

  • Show your friends and family! 

  • Your future self will thank you for an easy way to listen to your progress

Chances are, your first tracks won’t be the best music you will produce. In my experience, naivety might make you think otherwise. Don’t invest time into trying to get them signed, or over marketing them. Have a look at “Mount Stupid” or it’s the more scientific name “The Dunning-Kruger Effect”, this might want its own post. 

This isn’t me being negative or unoptimistic, it’s just about directing the positive energy from the creation process and pushing it in the right way. Use that energy to make more, watch more, learn more. 

I still enjoy going back and listening to those tracks, knowing where I was on the journey and forgiving minor mixing mistakes. I wish I had bought Soundcloud pro sooner and left more of my early tracks on there, a few of them are if you’re willing to scroll through a bunch of music.



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